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Project overview

FanPlei is the leading fantasy sports site in Mexico, with free and paid contests available for NFL, MLB, UEFA Champions League and Liga Mexico.

Our challenge was to redesign the FanPlei platform with a focus on increased usability, engagement and retention. I worked with FanPlei stakeholders and customers over a 9-week period to create this proof of concept.


Stakeholder Interviews

To kick off the project, I interviewed all 4 FanPlei stakeholders to understand their business goals, challenges, and overall team dynamic. We came away from the interviews with a few key insights:

Defining Business Goals

After completing stakeholder interviews, I met with the entire team and we defined a few key business goals for the project.

User Interviews

Five FanPlei users (both new and experienced) were interviewed over Skype. We generated a few important takeaways from speaking with users:

Usability Testing

We followed up our interviews with five remote usability tests using lookback.io. Users were asked to complete a series of tasks on FanPlei’s desktop and mobile site, and their activities were recorded. We analyzed the results of these usability tests with an affinity mapping exercise and identified some common usability problems:

Usability Affinity Map

Usability Problems:


Speaking with stakeholders, interviewing users and conducting usability tests helped us understand FanPlei’s business goals and usability problems within the current system. I wireframed some potential solutions to the problems that we discovered in usability testing
(click the images to expand).


Create Contest
Invite Friends

I presented our usability findings and some low fidelity wireframes of FanPlei’s main features to the team. The stakeholders were overall satisfied with my proposed solutions, so I began to create a style guide and high-fidelity mockups.

High-Fidelity Mockups

We began creating our high-fidelity mockups by researching fantasy sports platforms and more general Mexican sports culture.The team wanted to go for a minimal and clean UI similar to FanDuel, but with bolder, more vibrant colors that embody the spirit of Mexican futbol. We wanted to continue using green as our brand’s primary color, but we felt that the current FanPlei green was not as fresh and exciting as it could be.


After producing some mockups, we built a prototype that takes a desktop user through the flow of creating a contest and inviting their friend(s) to join the contest. Users had a very difficult time performing this task in our first round of usability testing, so we want to test our proposed solutions to these tasks with another round of users. We believe that making improvements to this flow will get more users playing FanPlei with their friends, which will in turn boost the platform’s retention and growth. (Note: in the bottom right corner of the prototype, toggle comments ON to see my design comments.)

Next Steps

After completing this clickable prototype, I want to complete at least one more round of usability tests before shipping the first version of our redesigned FanPlei platform. In future usability tests, I want to see improvements in the main usability roadblocks we initially discovered (see Usability Problems section). I also want to look at Google Analytics data for improvements in the key metrics we initially defined (increased % of private contests, increased retention, increased MAU).

Overall, this project has been a valuable lesson in balancing stakeholder input and usability insights to make FanPlei more user friendly while simultaneously accomplishing business goals. I especially enjoyed uncovering patterns in our raw usability data and designing solutions to these uncovered painpoints in our wireframes. I plan to take on more freelance projects like this in the future.

FanPlei Redesign

Lobby before
Lobby after
Create contest before
Create contest after
Mobile lobby before
Mobile lobby after
Mobile hamburger menu before
Mobile hamburger menu after
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